I am finally home

It’s been a long road, but the animals and I have moved into our new home. We love the house, the yard is fenced for the dogs, because we have black bears, wolves, you name it living in the woods. I bought a satellite device called Zeleo, to help me communicate on my cell phone by satellite when ATT isn’t available or my Star Link at home. So much unpacking left I walked away from it today, too hard until I am fully recovered. Thank goodness for new friends helping me. I worked on music today, I will get back to my writing soon. It’s so beautiful around here, I bought a new camera to start blogging. Hopefully I can get to that soon. Thank you for being here and reading my posts. My horse is retired on a 200 acre Ranch 40 minutes from me. She has new friends, I miss her but can not take care of her right now. Michele, alias is Michaela Knight for my books.

Starting over

Finally, I sold my house only to have a freak accident that put me into Harbor View, a trama hospital. The place I bought my camper from running my credit 120 times bringing down my score, to pay off my camper and buy one of their expensive RV’s. So I’m out, I got an RV elsewhere and they sold my camper. Except for a broken pelvis in 7 places and I can’t walk without a walker, I’m starting over! I’m excited, I can drive my RV, we have a house to move to. I have books to write and music to make. A cello for sure in my new home.

The big changes

Well my farm sold and I have an awesome new house with acreage. The only problem is I got knocked down and I’m in the hospital with a broken pelvis and 22 stitches. I have all my animals boarded temporarily.

Sakura Aviation

If you want to have a ton of fun. Take a flight with virtual Sakura Airlines. Raphael is the pilot, most of us are on his wife’s website, Grizzly Crime. This flight was early on New Years. Please take a look and enjoy. Happy travels ❤️❤️❤️❤️https://youtu.be/amjIckxfuOI

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