The Fire of Mary’s Immaculate Heart and Peace

I had the AHa moment today. I have been reading a delightful series of mystery’s about Native Americans on Wind River Reservation. I have been searching for my Indian heritage, I found that my grandmother was Cherokee through many years of research, my grandfather was adopted, but he was Cherokee or Little Creek. Looking at facial features from myself I am Cherokee for sure, my brother too. It’s sad that during their lives our grandparents had to hide their heritage. I have been reading a lot lately and learning fiddle tunes. My writing will take hold and run again soon. I have one book almost done and another half way written. We need to pray for the the fire of Mary’s Immaculate Heart of love to descend upon earth. It’s a prophesy from 1650 by 7 nuns in South America. They are uncorrupted in glass coffins, they were the only uncorrupted in that time. The prediction is that satin is furious and throwing his attacks upon earth right now, and people for 400 years have been praying for us in this century. We are living in amazing times, so much will be revealed and come to light.

Michele’s Daily Blog June 10th 2011

Chef James will have a new delicious dish out on Sunday. Be sure to check back and watch it on his YOUTUBE channel. Jackie Lee is getting sheep, so he has been a bit busy. I will have to rein him in for a new book soon. He will have tons of new stories to tell. Have a delightful evening.

A Shameful thing for our Faith.

Washington State Catholics, have a look

Here is the full list of Bishops opposed to restricting pro-abort politicians from receiving the Eucharist.
May they be forever regarded as Haters of Children and Enemies of God.

Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago
Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York
Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Washington
Cardinal Seán O’Malley, OFM Cap., of Boston
Cardinal Joseph Tobin, CSsR, of Newark
Archbishop Andrew Bellisario, CM, of Anchorage-Juneau
Archbishop Paul Etienne of Seattle
Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS of San Antonio
Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski of St. Louis
Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati
Archbishop John Wester of Santa Fe
Bishop Joseph Bambera of Scranton
Bishop Mark Bartchak of Altoona-Johnstown
Bishop Steven Biegler of Cheyenne
Bishop John Michael Botean of St. George in Canton for the Romanians
Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport
Bishop Randolph Calvo of Reno
Bishop Brendan Cahill of Victoria
Bishop Robert Coerver of Lubbock
Bishop Christopher Coyne of Burlington
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn
Bishop Timothy Doherty of Lafayette, Indiana
Bishop Ronald Hicks of Joliet
Bishop William Joensen of Des Moines
Bishop Donald Kettler of St. Cloud
Bishop Joseph Kopacz of Jackson
Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego
Bishop Michael McGovern of Belleville
Bishop Shawn McKnight of Jefferson City
Bishop William Medley of Owensboro
Bishop Michael Mulvey of Corpus Christi
Bishop David O’Connell, CM of Trenton
Bishop Richard Pates, Apostolic Administrator of Crookston
Bishop Lawrence Persico of Erie
Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso
Bishop Michael Sis of San Angelo
Bishop John Stowe, OFM Conv., of Lexington
Bishop Anthony Taylor of Little Rock
Bishop David Toups of Beaumont
Bishop George Thomas of Las Vegas
Bishop Louis Tylka, Coadjutor Bishop of Peoria
Bishop Joseph Tyson of Yakima
Bishop Joe Vásquez of Austin
Bishop Michael Warfel of Great Falls-Billings
Bishop Edward Weisenburger of Tucson
Bishop Thomas Zinkula of Davenport
Bishop Patrick Zurek of Amarillo
Bishop Mark Bartosic, Auxiliary of Chicago
Bishop Ramon Bejarano, Auxiliary of San Diego
Bishop Kevin Birmingham, Auxiliary of Chicago
Bishop Michael Boulette, Auxiliary of San Antonio
Bishop Roy Campbell Jr., Auxiliary of Washington
Bishop Robert Casey, Auxiliary of Chicago
Bishop Manuel Cruz, Auxiliary of Newark
Bishop John Dolan, Auxiliary of San Diego
Bishop Mario Dorsonville-Rodríguez, Auxiliary of Washington
Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, MSpS, Auxiliary of Seattle
Bishop Jeffrey Grob, Auxiliary of Chicago
Bishop Gary Janak, Auxiliary of San Antonio
Bishop J. Gregory Kelly, Auxiliary of Dallas
Bishop Elias Lorenzo, OSB, Auxiliary of Newark
Bishop Robert Lombardo, CFR, Auxiliary of Chicago
Bishop John Manz, Auxiliary of Chicago
Bishop Joseph Perry, Auxiliary of Chicago
Bishop Mark Rivituso, Auxiliary of St. Louis
Bishop Michael Saporito, Auxiliary of Newark
Bishop Gregory Studerus, Auxiliary of Newark
Bishop Andrew Wypych, Auxiliary of Chicago

A Beautiful Eagle

Yesterday I looked out of my window and this is what I saw! A gorgeous young Bald Eagle sitting on my fence. My horse wasn’t bothered all by him, the Eagle sat there for 20 minutes looking back and forth for food. Finally he saw something in the back of my property and flew away. He was back last night with road kill, so I believe he has moved in. It was such a treat to see him just sitting there yesterday morning.

We are loved

Good evening Patriots,

I want to give you a few thoughts. I know that as time has passed and the politics have taken over our lives, that God put us here for a reason. He put us here in this time, in times past look at what people suffered. We were hit with a bio virus that has destroyed the world. We will survive. We are in a spiritual warfare of our lives though, so prayer warriors are needed to combat this evil. The truth will prevail and win in the end. Remember why you are here, we each have a mission in this life. When I become disheartened I have to remind myself that I am loved.

May God’s angels keep you safe this night and always.

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