The Dragon’s of Arainn

Back In Camelot

John and Mike walked all through Camelot and listened to people talk. They were having some beer on the tables outside of a busy pub in Camelot. There was a conversation that caught Mike’s attention.

“John, listen!” Mike got John’s attention and put a finger over his mouth so John wouldn’t talk. 

The men listened in amazement. 

“Mike!” John whispered, “They are talking about Sophie!”

“Yes they are! We need to find out where L’Azure is, and how we get there…!” John finished his drink, put some cash on the table and stood up to leave. Mike finished his drink and stood up to follow. 

‘Where should we start to find out about transportation to L’Azure?” Mike asked, looking around the town.

John pointed, “How about there.”

Mike looked where John was pointing, it was an outdoor shop of goods.

John took off and Mike followed.

Approaching the shop, they went in under the entrance and looked around. A young woman was working and looked up,when they entered.

“Good day to you, is there anything I can help you find?” She asked.

She had quite the accent, John had a bit of trouble understanding what she was saying.

Mike spoke up, “We’re looking for information to travel to L’Azure. Would you know anything about that?”

“Oh my, you aren’t the only one. What exciting news, isn’t it?” She asked.

John looked perplexed, “What is the exciting news?”

“Well I’m surprised you haven’t heard, you must be from out of town. Miss Sophie is marrying a prince! Everyone is trying to get over there. I suggest you talk to Sir Alfred, you can find him over at the armory. Tell him Maple sent you, then he will talk to you. He is my uncle, I’m going over with him the day after tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much for your help Maple, my name is Sir John, and this is Sir Mike.”

“It was awful nice to meet you, good day.” Maple bent down and continued her stitching.

“Good day,” Mike and John said.

They walked out of the shop and John sat down on a bench. 

Mike looked at him, putting his hand on his shoulder. “What a shock to be sure, but John it has been so long. She thinks you are dead, what do you plan on doing now?” 

John looked up, “Let’s go to the wedding and see Sophie be happy, then I can go forward. I just might want to stay here, how do you feel about staying, Mike?”

‘‘The way our world was going when we left, I think staying here a few years is a great idea. There won’t be anything normal back in our time right now. There is a pandemic and no way will there be a vaccine soon. Let’s have some fun.” Mike stood up and stretched, “Now where is Sir Alfred? Let’s go find him.”

Published by Michele Adams

​I love writing and live in the Northwest with my beloved German shepherds, Anatolian shepherd, horse, Valise Blacknose sheep and parrot. Because of COVID, I am now retired which gives me time to play and work on my farm. I’m learning to fiddle and read music; I have 8 books published, and a children's book and a coloring book of Ruger’s Adventures. I am now writing under JMMAdams.

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