The Shadow Wolves

Jessie Skywalker tried to have patience as she hid behind a rock with her German shepherd, Harley. They were on a mission to stop the group of thieves stealing Mustangs out of New Mexico, and then selling them for a profit to South American brokers. Jessie and Harley were part of the Shadow Wolves, an elite group of Native American trackers. They had branched out living in New Mexico from the main group in Arizona. Her father had been part of that group, then returned to New Mexico and trained Jessie and her brothers. They were hired by the B.L.M. (Bureau Land Management), to stop the theft of wild horses. The B.L.M. Is the only agency that can sell the mustangs, they tag, vaccinated, and care for 40,000 mustangs in multiple states. 

    Finally, a truck drove past her, she counted two men in front. Jessie picked up her radio and whispered, “2 coyotes.”

    “On our way,” Bobby, “stay in position,”  Jessie’s older brother told her.

Pretty soon trucks pulled in behind the truck and trailer, one truck blocked the front of it. Jessie stepped out behind the rock, and pointed her rifle at the men in the cab of the truck. One of the men opened his door and shot at Jessie, she dodged just in time and fired back. Jessie hit him in the right shoulder. The other man put his hands in the air, he spoke no English and looked scared. John jumped out of his Jeep and ran after the shot man trying to run away, caught him and cuffed him. Bobby called into the B.L.M. to come pick up these guys, Jordan cuffed the guy with his hands up and put him into the back of his truck. 

    Jordan then ran over to check on Jessie and Harley, “Are you ok? Did he shoot you?”

Published by Michele Adams

​I love writing and live in the Northwest with my beloved German shepherds, Anatolian shepherd, horse, Valise Blacknose sheep and parrot. Because of COVID, I am now retired which gives me time to play and work on my farm. I’m learning to fiddle and read music; I have 8 books published, and a children's book and a coloring book of Ruger’s Adventures. I am now writing under JMMAdams.

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