A Beautiful Eagle

Yesterday I looked out of my window and this is what I saw! A gorgeous young Bald Eagle sitting on my fence. My horse wasn’t bothered all by him, the Eagle sat there for 20 minutes looking back and forth for food. Finally he saw something in the back of my property and flew away. He was back last night with road kill, so I believe he has moved in. It was such a treat to see him just sitting there yesterday morning.

Published by Michele Adams

​I love writing and live in the Northwest with my beloved German shepherds, Anatolian shepherd, horse, Valise Blacknose sheep and parrot. Because of COVID, I am now retired which gives me time to play and work on my farm. I’m learning to fiddle and read music; I have 8 books published, and a children's book and a coloring book of Ruger’s Adventures. I am now writing under JMMAdams.

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