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A Blessed Thanksgiving Weekend

I wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving weekend. We must reflect on what we are thankful for. Even the hardships, as those teach us lessons to grow. I don’t know what the future brings, but I can truly say I’m thankful for family and friends. Those that are helping me through this dark season of my life. I know I’m not alone in this, as we are all going through a dark time in our world. Know that you are not alone. Have a blessed weekend.

Michele 11/27/21

A blog post from Michele

If I  could turn back the clock, would I do things different? Yes, but hindsight is wasteful. I know that my music and writing are coming to me again in my dreams. I try to plan my days, my family calls, my neighbors come over and do amazing things for me. My German Shepherd will be 11 in November and that is sad, she is my best friend. If I felt like reading, writing, or playing my music again, I think I could feel better. Everybody hurts, it’s just adjusting. We are keeping the farm for now until I find a place we want to go. My Anatolian Shepherd is getting to be sweet. He is a good boy. I pray for all of you to be safe and happy.

Michele’s Blog update

I’m taking a little time to think what I’m doing. I feel my characters wanting to continue their stories. I’m still in disbelief of what my life is. How can you just find someone gone? No good bye, no sense of anything. The kindness of my neighbors is amazing. I could not have lived here without them. They enclosed my property so my Anatolian , Aslan will be safe. I have my beloved, German Shepherd that won’t leave my side. May God let her be with me a few more years, because she is my partner, and will be 11 in November. My parrot is my buddy too, and my horse is too. It’s consumed my days worrying about moving or refinancing. My mortgage company is going to refinance me, so I’m staying until I find a place to go.

A message from Michele

I’m sorry I have not posted for a while. I am trying to sort my life out. I can feel it that as soon as I move and relocate stories will resume.I can do this! I know it. My vacation was canceled because of snow, a good thing. Driving over a mountain pass in snow in an RV I don’t know would be scary. I’m selling my farm and moving forward, I don’t know where yet. Acreage for a horse and two big dogs, plus an house for us. I think I will buy land and build. I love log homes, and you can’t find any nice ones in my area. So, maybe Eastern WA or Montana. Good night friends, America is still the best place to call home.

Michele’s Blog 10-15-21

I will start blogging again, as soon as I can handle all that has been left for me to do. Just getting through a day right now, is a struggle to take care of everyone. I know things will get better, I was never told life would be easy, but never thought it could be this hard either. The kindness of friends have been amazing. I thank all of them. I’ll try to blog more. My characters in my books have unfinished stories. Good night everyone.

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