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Happy Mother’s Day to everyone that has a child, or furball. My German Shepherd is constantly under my feet or at my side. She watches my every move, I have never had a dog do this, at 11 years old she has been my keeper for that long; and I am thankful. Things are slowlyContinue reading “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”

Be Thankful

Be thankful for everything, every minute of your day. Pray for those that have wronged you, pray for those that have hurt you. At the end of your day, thank God for 3 of those things. Live for today, the past is gone, unless you can’t get rid of it. Don’t keep digging the holeContinue reading “Be Thankful”

Blessings in ordinary days

It’s good to look for blessings everyday. Today I had a great blessing. Friends that helped me get the car my husband owned. It has not been run for 8 months, tonight my friends got it going. It was a blessing and surprise to all of us. In this time of darkness in our world,Continue reading “Blessings in ordinary days”

If I could rewrite my story

If I could rewrite my story, if I could rewrite my life. Would I change the things that happened? Could I rewrite my life? If I could change who I am, would I? No, I can change what I do from here, but not change my past. I like the person I have become, IContinue reading “If I could rewrite my story”

Going forward in this life

I find that you have to go and move forward in this life. Sorrow and grief remains, but moving forward is a way out. I drove 3 days to Wyoming and back home three days to know I need to stick around here. My prayers are with all of you in any loss you haveContinue reading “Going forward in this life”

Prayers for Ukraine

Let us pray for the Ukrainian people and the poor teens from Russia invading. They had no idea what they were getting into. This is Putin’s war. Russia needs to be consecrated to the Virgin Mary. Russia will be the demise of the world along with their allies. I have prayers for everyone involved, andContinue reading “Prayers for Ukraine”

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