An update on Maui

An Irish Tale

A long time ago a visit to Ireland I encountered many taps on my left shoulder. My family laughed. No one was tapping me. Who was it then?

On The Road Again

God Children are no longer for sell

Portland serial killer

There is a lead on the killer. Pray they catch him.

Living your dream

It’s hard after living a heartbreak song and trying to heal to move on. Tomorrow my dogs, parrot, and I are trying that. we are getting this on Saturday. Zoom zoom. Travel.

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Road Trip

So excited next week a road trip. Fun for the family and me. We spend time in a cowboy town then head down to Oregon. Drop off our big class c for the B Free Spirit Camper van. While gone my little house is getting worked on! Upgraded, gravel, yahoo!

Finding my way

It’s such a struggle moving along after so much tragedy happens. I start thinking I can start writing and playing music again but no. Extreme worry overtakes me. I have tried to start a fun YouTube channel to help me, The Gumshoe Mystery Reporter, I’m not sure if I’m doing a show of travel onContinue reading “Finding my way”

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