Be True to Yourself

It’s time to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. You never know when this day will be your last. So follow your dreams. I’m finally doing just that. My animals and I now will have what I have wanted for us to do what we want.

Getting my life back

Tomorrow starts the new beginning of the rest of my life. I need to stay positive. It’s been a long journey to reach where I am. I have a new YouTube channel, The Gumshoe Mystery Reporter. I have some shorts out. A travel video soon.

Chef James has an update

A trip into Canada

Driving to Canada

A day in Canada

I decided to go shopping for groceries in a town 10 minutes from me instead of a town on the USA 45 minutes away. Plus groceries were so much cheaper! I bought tons of meat, salmon, cleaning supplies for 120 US dollars. A whole side of salmon and Ahi steaks, chicken breasts, 2 pounds ofContinue reading “A day in Canada”

The Gumshoe Mystery Reporter

Check out some of my books. Sophia and the Dragon is on audio but I can’t publish it because of a quirk with Amazon. 🤷‍♀️

The Gumshoe Mystery Reporter

Good Afternoon, I have a new YouTube channel. It’s called The Gumshoe Mystery Reporter. This is where I will find old mysteries and report them, or any kind of blog about the mystery in my books. I will take on research anyone asks of me for the solving of a crime, or to bring theContinue reading “The Gumshoe Mystery Reporter”

Starting Over and Moving On

It’s starting to work out for us. The nice thing is we have a small friendly community. Canada is our new shopping area and entertainment.

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