A Shameful thing for our Faith.

•Copied• Washington State Catholics, have a look Here is the full list of Bishops opposed to restricting pro-abort politicians from receiving the Eucharist. May they be forever regarded as Haters of Children and Enemies of God. Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Washington Cardinal Seán O’Malley,Continue reading “A Shameful thing for our Faith.”

God Loves Us

wow! I have been busy helping my 88 year old mom. I helped her with a new iMac computer, but then had to rearrange her whole apartment and storage to make a new computer work. Well it worked out perfect. 3 days of helping her. I will be back writing and blogging soon. This COVIDContinue reading “God Loves Us”

Live from DC

Michele’s Daily Blog

Oh what a world we live in! You need to listen to calming music and center your thoughts with all of this garbage and harmful news you take in daily. I think that is the reason I write my books. I’m in their world and I control it. I can live in Jackielee’s world, orContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog”

Frank speech.com

51 Million people have accessed it today. It was shut down as it launched, so they are doing a 48 hour live show. It’s amazing❤️ introducing my red dragon, Keeva

Jackie Lee found an interesting news website.

Check it out and let him know what you you think. https://amg-news.com/archives/category/news

Michele’s Saturday Blog 4/10/21

I am trying to find solace in my life with our current situation in America. So, so I am reading, “Abandonment to Divine Providence” written by Jean-Pierre De Caussade. A quick quote: What does Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade mean by the phrase, “abandonment to Divine Providence?” He means a total surrender or release of oneselfContinue reading “Michele’s Saturday Blog 4/10/21”

I am in the best platform ever, it’s for conservatives. Check it out with the link below.


Michele’s Daily Blog/March 31st, 2021

I’m so excited! I just wrote another 2 hours and made progress in my new dragon story. A lot is happening in this episode. I hardly can keep up with the characters running around doing their own things. My dragon books have a lot of old world names and it gets confusing with the spellingContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog/March 31st, 2021”

Michele’s Daily Blog 3/29/21

Good Morning Patriots, there is a lot of news out there and sometimes it’s hard to know the truth. We have a crises on our southern borders, though that everyone needs to be aware of. Coyotes are throwing babies into the Rio Grande to escape getting caught by the Border Patrol. Not only is thereContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog 3/29/21”

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