Happy Saturday

A little fun map making

You too can make a map. I just made my first map of my road trip from WA to Cody, Wyoming. Go to Mymaps.com to make yours today.https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?hl=en&mid=1nqn8_d5I1vNzc7QMWkHa0nm58EvYxyo&ll=45.820428094244456%2C-115.48656650000001&z=6 Here is my map.

If I could rewrite my story

If I could rewrite my story, if I could rewrite my life. Would I change the things that happened? Could I rewrite my life? If I could change who I am, would I? No, I can change what I do from here, but not change my past. I like the person I have become, IContinue reading “If I could rewrite my story”

Check out Scott’s amazing drawing.

Scotte.E.Skullz on YouTube. He is an amazing young artist, creator; he draws animals, nature, and true crime.

Check out Chef James and his new dish!

Chef James is on Odysee, be sure and check him out…..


A message from Michele

I’m sorry I have not posted for a while. I am trying to sort my life out. I can feel it that as soon as I move and relocate stories will resume.I can do this! I know it. My vacation was canceled because of snow, a good thing. Driving over a mountain pass in snowContinue reading “A message from Michele”

Michele’s Blog 10-15-21

I will start blogging again, as soon as I can handle all that has been left for me to do. Just getting through a day right now, is a struggle to take care of everyone. I know things will get better, I was never told life would be easy, but never thought it could beContinue reading “Michele’s Blog 10-15-21”

Another Great video from Chef James, please support his channel.

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