New Store Soon

I am thinking about selling some merchandise with my logo on them and maybe some of my characters or book covers. Any thoughts? This might be fun. I’m not sure if I should do it on this website or my author website.

Chef James

The Dragons of Arainn

 Dragons of Arainn  (A Love Story)   Chapter 1   SOPHIE LOOKED down at her dragon, she was so lucky to have Gunther. Her life was on the right path now, she felt it in her soul. Leila, her niece, was flying on Cham; they had promised to return him to L’Azure after their recentContinue reading “The Dragons of Arainn”

I am finally home

It’s been a long road, but the animals and I have moved into our new home. We love the house, the yard is fenced for the dogs, because we have black bears, wolves, you name it living in the woods. I bought a satellite device called Zeleo, to help me communicate on my cell phoneContinue reading “I am finally home”

Reaction to Chef James’ Reaction to Vincenzo’s Plate

Happy Saturday

A little fun map making

You too can make a map. I just made my first map of my road trip from WA to Cody, Wyoming. Go to to make yours today. Here is my map.

If I could rewrite my story

If I could rewrite my story, if I could rewrite my life. Would I change the things that happened? Could I rewrite my life? If I could change who I am, would I? No, I can change what I do from here, but not change my past. I like the person I have become, IContinue reading “If I could rewrite my story”

Check out Scott’s amazing drawing.

Scotte.E.Skullz on YouTube. He is an amazing young artist, creator; he draws animals, nature, and true crime.

Check out Chef James and his new dish!

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