Alasdair Fraser’s Sierra Fiddle Camp Alasdair Fraser’s Sierra Fiddle Camp in northern California at Shady Creek Camp on the San Juan Ridge (near Nevada City) invites you to a week of intensive study, recreation, and good times with people who share an interest in the music and dance traditions of Scotland and beyond. HEART of SIERRA WEEKEND2021 The re-imagined onlineContinue reading “Alasdair Fraser’s Sierra Fiddle Camp”

Michele’s Blog 5/13/21

It’s a beautiful day today, and I actually got back into my dragon story. I didn’t realize how advanced I was in the book! I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Tomorrow I’m going to the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, it’s a wonderful place to visit on a sunny day. There are acres andContinue reading “Michele’s Blog 5/13/21”

Michele’s Daily Blog

Oh what a world we live in! You need to listen to calming music and center your thoughts with all of this garbage and harmful news you take in daily. I think that is the reason I write my books. I’m in their world and I control it. I can live in Jackielee’s world, orContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog”

Michele’s Daily Blog 4/15/21

Another delightful sunny day in the northwest. Here is a photo of my Anatolian puppy eating his frozen yogurt treat. I should be practicing my music, but it’s so nice to be outside after the dark winter. I have added approximately 10 more pages to my new dragon book. I’m having fun writing it. WeContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog 4/15/21”

Michele’s Daily Blog 4/14/21

Our first warm, beautiful day of the year today. I sat out under our Locus trees with my dogs and I even invited my Mom to join me. We sipped ice tea, I managed to get her a ton of audiobooks in her library, so she can listen to stories when alone. I looked aroundContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog 4/14/21”

Michele’s Morning Blog 4/13/21

I am sitting by the fire to take off the early morning chill, sipping my tea, listening to pan flute music, and pondering my day. The sun is out and it’s promising to be a warmer day than we have had so far in the northwest. My horse has her jacket off and she isContinue reading “Michele’s Morning Blog 4/13/21”

Michele’s Saturday Blog 4/10/21

I am trying to find solace in my life with our current situation in America. So, so I am reading, “Abandonment to Divine Providence” written by Jean-Pierre De Caussade. A quick quote: What does Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade mean by the phrase, “abandonment to Divine Providence?” He means a total surrender or release of oneselfContinue reading “Michele’s Saturday Blog 4/10/21”

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