My first podcast

Michele’s Monday Blog

Welcome to my new website and daily blog. My name is Michele and my fictional dog, Jackie Lee is the star of this website. He stars in 5 published books, and there will be more. I started this Patriot website after Facebook shut down a fun group called Republican Dogs, we had thousands of membersContinue reading “Michele’s Monday Blog”

Sophia and the Dragons of Arainn

Leila knocked on Sophie’s door, Aclamet and Sophie were just ready to walk out and get some lunch, so they were shocked to see Leila standing there. 

Audible for Sophia and the Dragons

I will have a sample of the audible up for Sophia and the Dragons as soon as my internet plays nice.

Sophia and the Dragons

A sample of the audible for Sophia and the Dragons  

Sophia and the Dragons, Book 3

Jennie got Sophie’s rope loose, Sophie waited as Jennie pulled on her robes, they were loose enough that Sophie was out of them. She took the gag off her mouth, then rolled over and got her sister loose. 

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