The Dragons of Ariian

This is what John must be hearing in his head when he sees Sophia again getting married to a Prince.Passenger

The Dragons of Ariian

What must John be thinking, letting Sophie go by following his dreams? Then coming home to find out she had found a new life. He searched and found her, it broke his heart but he realized she was happy and had found a family of her own. He decided to stay and protect her inContinue reading “The Dragons of Ariian”

The Dragon’s of Ariian

The old man ran to embrace his daughter. Mira pulled her son over and introduced him to his grandfather too. Alfred had tears of joy running down his face. It looks as though Mira, (Kathleen), and Arrac would be staying for a long time. Perhaps the fear was no longer founded in L’Azure from theContinue reading “The Dragon’s of Ariian”

Sophia and the Dragon News

In the land of L’Azure there is a lot going on. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in another time? That is what Sophie, John, Jennie, Richard, Kimo, Susan, and Mike wondered. Then they went through time and adjusted to no electricity, no running water, and no motor vehicles. PeopleContinue reading “Sophia and the Dragon News”

The Dragons of Ariian

Good night to all Patriots and Jackie Lee fans, Gunther the dragon too. I realized that I have many dragon celebrities; Gunther, Sophie’s first dragon that Kanani the German Shepherds found and befriended. Then Keeva the red dragon, the last living dragon in the world. The dragon family has grown, young dragons are growing upContinue reading “The Dragons of Ariian”

Michele’s Saturday Blog 4/10/21

I am trying to find solace in my life with our current situation in America. So, so I am reading, “Abandonment to Divine Providence” written by Jean-Pierre De Caussade. A quick quote: What does Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade mean by the phrase, “abandonment to Divine Providence?” He means a total surrender or release of oneselfContinue reading “Michele’s Saturday Blog 4/10/21”

Michele’s Daily Blog/March 31st, 2021

I’m so excited! I just wrote another 2 hours and made progress in my new dragon story. A lot is happening in this episode. I hardly can keep up with the characters running around doing their own things. My dragon books have a lot of old world names and it gets confusing with the spellingContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog/March 31st, 2021”

The Dragon’s of Ariian

Before Sophie could do anything, Aclamet saw the dogs  and what they were doing! Sophie tried to block his view and grab the iPad, but Aclamet grabbed it first, “What is this?” He asked in wonder. “It’s a device from the future, I’m from the future and so is Leila.” Sophie’s heart was sinking. WillContinue reading “The Dragon’s of Ariian”

Michele’s Daily Blog 3/26/21

Catherine of Aragon was a strong woman, watching the Spanish Princess, I have come to admire her. The reason she lost so many children was a defect in King Henry, not her, but she was blamed. What a tragic story, and if they had known the reason why she lost so many children at birth,Continue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog 3/26/21”

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