The Fire of Mary’s Immaculate Heart and Peace

I had the AHa moment today. I have been reading a delightful series of mystery’s about Native Americans on Wind River Reservation. I have been searching for my Indian heritage, I found that my grandmother was Cherokee through many years of research, my grandfather was adopted, but he was Cherokee or Little Creek. Looking atContinue reading “The Fire of Mary’s Immaculate Heart and Peace”

Michele’s Daily Blog June 10th 2011

Chef James will have a new delicious dish out on Sunday. Be sure to check back and watch it on his YOUTUBE channel. Jackie Lee is getting sheep, so he has been a bit busy. I will have to rein him in for a new book soon. He will have tons of new stories toContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog June 10th 2011”

Jackie Lee the German Shepherd Dog

Jackie Lee is thrilled his website is getting so many visitors. He is sure that after Michele’s Dragon story is published that he will again be the star in A new mysteries. What he doesn’t know is that I might put him in another mystery with new people! Wouldn’t that be fun? Who knows? IContinue reading “Jackie Lee the German Shepherd Dog”

Jackie Lee on a Run Away train in St. Moritz

Jackie Lee had this song go through his head when he and T.J. were on a run a way train in Switzerland. He didn’t know where they were going, just chasing Spirit to save her. He wondered, would Casey Lane find him? Would he ever see her again? Was it just T.J. and Jackie LeeContinue reading “Jackie Lee on a Run Away train in St. Moritz”

The Dragon’s of Ariian

The old man ran to embrace his daughter. Mira pulled her son over and introduced him to his grandfather too. Alfred had tears of joy running down his face. It looks as though Mira, (Kathleen), and Arrac would be staying for a long time. Perhaps the fear was no longer founded in L’Azure from theContinue reading “The Dragon’s of Ariian”

The Dragons of Ariian

Good night to all Patriots and Jackie Lee fans, Gunther the dragon too. I realized that I have many dragon celebrities; Gunther, Sophie’s first dragon that Kanani the German Shepherds found and befriended. Then Keeva the red dragon, the last living dragon in the world. The dragon family has grown, young dragons are growing upContinue reading “The Dragons of Ariian”

Michele’s Daily Blog

Oh what a world we live in! You need to listen to calming music and center your thoughts with all of this garbage and harmful news you take in daily. I think that is the reason I write my books. I’m in their world and I control it. I can live in Jackielee’s world, orContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog”

Michele’s Daily Blog 4/15/21

Another delightful sunny day in the northwest. Here is a photo of my Anatolian puppy eating his frozen yogurt treat. I should be practicing my music, but it’s so nice to be outside after the dark winter. I have added approximately 10 more pages to my new dragon book. I’m having fun writing it. WeContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog 4/15/21”

Michele’s Daily Blog 4/14/21

Our first warm, beautiful day of the year today. I sat out under our Locus trees with my dogs and I even invited my Mom to join me. We sipped ice tea, I managed to get her a ton of audiobooks in her library, so she can listen to stories when alone. I looked aroundContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog 4/14/21”

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