The Gumshoe Mystery Reporter

Good Afternoon, I have a new YouTube channel. It’s called The Gumshoe Mystery Reporter. This is where I will find old mysteries and report them, or any kind of blog about the mystery in my books. I will take on research anyone asks of me for the solving of a crime, or to bring theContinue reading “The Gumshoe Mystery Reporter”

Michele’s Vlog June 10th, 2022

Today a good friend came over, brought a delicious lunch, the we tackled one room upstairs. I feel it in my heart it’s time to go. I am struggling with where we want to move. I am going to start a video vlog soon. My two dogs, parrot, and horse will be having many adventuresContinue reading “Michele’s Vlog June 10th, 2022”

A Vlog from Michele 5/20/22

I have been so remiss in blogging, and for that I am sorry. This has been the hardest, darkest season of my life. I have had such loss, it is overwhelming at times. I have resorted to following true crime on YouTube! It’s amazing the people I have met, should I do a channel, notContinue reading “A Vlog from Michele 5/20/22”

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