Sophia and the Dragon News

In the land of L’Azure there is a lot going on. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in another time? That is what Sophie, John, Jennie, Richard, Kimo, Susan, and Mike wondered. Then they went through time and adjusted to no electricity, no running water, and no motor vehicles. PeopleContinue reading “Sophia and the Dragon News”

Michele’s Morning Blog 4/13/21

I am sitting by the fire to take off the early morning chill, sipping my tea, listening to pan flute music, and pondering my day. The sun is out and it’s promising to be a warmer day than we have had so far in the northwest. My horse has her jacket off and she isContinue reading “Michele’s Morning Blog 4/13/21”

Michele’s Saturday Blog 4/10/21

I am trying to find solace in my life with our current situation in America. So, so I am reading, “Abandonment to Divine Providence” written by Jean-Pierre De Caussade. A quick quote: What does Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade mean by the phrase, “abandonment to Divine Providence?” He means a total surrender or release of oneselfContinue reading “Michele’s Saturday Blog 4/10/21”

Michele’s Daily Blog/March 31st, 2021

I’m so excited! I just wrote another 2 hours and made progress in my new dragon story. A lot is happening in this episode. I hardly can keep up with the characters running around doing their own things. My dragon books have a lot of old world names and it gets confusing with the spellingContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog/March 31st, 2021”

The Dragon’s of Ariian

Before Sophie could do anything, Aclamet saw the dogs  and what they were doing! Sophie tried to block his view and grab the iPad, but Aclamet grabbed it first, “What is this?” He asked in wonder. “It’s a device from the future, I’m from the future and so is Leila.” Sophie’s heart was sinking. WillContinue reading “The Dragon’s of Ariian”

Michele’s Daily Blog 3/24/21

Jackie Lee and I thank all of you for liking our new website. I am busy playing my music, and thinking about where my stories will go. My great grandfather was one of the children taken from Scotland to a work farm in Canada. All I know is that when he was still young heContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog 3/24/21”

Kindle Sale

Don’t miss Jackie Lee’s kindle sale on his last two adventures.

Michele’s Daily Podcasts

For my daily podcasts the link is above Jackie Lee. I will try to have daily podcasts or blogs up, Monday through Friday.

The Dragon’s of Arainn

Back In Camelot John and Mike walked all through Camelot and listened to people talk. They were having some beer on the tables outside of a busy pub in Camelot. There was a conversation that caught Mike’s attention. “John, listen!” Mike got John’s attention and put a finger over his mouth so John wouldn’t talk. Continue reading “The Dragon’s of Arainn”

Michele’s Daily Blog

Good night Patriots, what a successful but crazy day! It must be the weather, my German Shepherd 🐕‍🦺chased my horse 🐎this morning while I was feeding her. My parrot 🦜succeeded in being louder than my violin in fiddle 🎻class by laughing. My violin 🎻is NEVER out of tune, but every string was out of tuneContinue reading “Michele’s Daily Blog”

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