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Mel K Discusses Princess Diana, Chinese Spy and Georgia Audits with Nicholas Veniamin

THE MEL K SHOW: 📮 GET My FREE Email Updates & Alerts: 📱 Join My TELEGRAM Channel: 🖥 B I T C H U T E: https://Nickv.Live/Videos/ 🏦 DINAR… — Read on A very interesting interview.

Jackie Lees thoughts

What ever we do on earth follows us in Heaven. We must love, be advocates for truth, justice, and God’s will. We can’t be advocates for self love, in any form. God made a woman and man. He made a woman out of a rib from a man. We can not change what God madeContinue reading “Jackie Lees thoughts”

Michele’s Friday night blog

what a week it has been. My beloved mother almost died, my brother came to help me, bless him. It’s so hard when parents become old and need care. Family and friends are everything. It’s as if my characters in my books are watching and waiting for me to come back and help them haveContinue reading “Michele’s Friday night blog”

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