A Blessed Memorial Day

A very blessed day to show thanksgiving to those that have served and kept our freedom.❤️

A Monday Blog May 23, 2022

I want to thank everyone that has followed me, subscribed, and supports me. It means so much to me. As soon as our Intel Sol Horizon arrives we will be going on adventures. I will share them and post photos here. Everyone have a wonderful day.

My Beautiful GSD

Destiny was my first German Shepherd, my son and I picked her up at the airport when she was 8 weeks away old. Destiny had flown all the way from Germany to Seattle on her own. She was so happy to meet us. She won a beauty photo contest online at the age of 2.Continue reading “My Beautiful GSD”

Going forward in this life

I find that you have to go and move forward in this life. Sorrow and grief remains, but moving forward is a way out. I drove 3 days to Wyoming and back home three days to know I need to stick around here. My prayers are with all of you in any loss you haveContinue reading “Going forward in this life”

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