Being Thankful

How is everyone doing? It’s been a hard season for me, and I don’t know how I’m surviving. Every morning I thank God all of us are awake for another day. Be thankful for every day God gives you on earth.


The kindness people have shown me is so amazing. I want to thank everyone and say, I love you too. The love and kindness is powerful in our lives. We need to show that to others every day all of the time❤️

Pirate Gold

A wonderful birthday ❤️

Ruger’s Missing Honey

A wonderful birthday today for me. Some one found Ruger’s missing honey❤️

Michele’s Vlog 6/08/22

It has been 22 years since I moved to Washington State. Perhaps that is why I’m having trouble trying to move away? I loved Wyoming after I cleaned off my boots from stepping in an oil field. If I could live in 10 Sleep or Cody, maybe I could leave. America is so beautiful, let’sContinue reading “Michele’s Vlog 6/08/22”

Michele’s Blog June 7th, 2022

Tomorrow is 10 months since I found my husband gone. Memories flow through my mind and soul. The ending was not as I thought it to be. I’m on my own, I have been trying to distract myself. I’m selling my farm and moving on. There has been so much to do and try toContinue reading “Michele’s Blog June 7th, 2022”

Facebook Shop

I got my first order of books for my new shop.

A Blessed Memorial Day

A very blessed day to show thanksgiving to those that have served and kept our freedom.❤️

A Monday Blog May 23, 2022

I want to thank everyone that has followed me, subscribed, and supports me. It means so much to me. As soon as our Intel Sol Horizon arrives we will be going on adventures. I will share them and post photos here. Everyone have a wonderful day.

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