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Sophia and the Dragons, Book 3

“Captain!” Huffed Alfred the young sailor, he was out of breath. Bending over to catch his breath, the Captain waited impatiently. “Spit it out, man!” What happened?” “We didn’t find them, but someone saw two people that looked like them go into the Hogs Boar Inn. It’s about an hour out of town, the othersContinue reading “Sophia and the Dragons, Book 3”

Sophia and the Dragons, book 3

This is terrible news! What will I tell King Aclemet? Captain White was very concerned that he had let loose hell upon the world with the escape of the wicked witch, Mira. He paced for a bit, went back to the room where they were kept, he checked the chains again, shaking his head heContinue reading “Sophia and the Dragons, book 3”

Sophia and the Dragons, book 3

Did Queen Nabila know she would come? How do I break the news to Aclamet about my past? OHHH, I got myself into it deep here.Then Sophie thought, well, if they have elves as friends, how could they think I am any different coming from the future? There was a knock at her door, SophieContinue reading “Sophia and the Dragons, book 3”

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