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Michele’s August 1st good night blog

Good night and God bless….. Tomorrow will be another day, I ask God every morning to help me in my time awake to be a good person and do his will. I really need to get back to my music and writing, life has been so hard lately. From injuries years ago by students I am now having trouble walking, but I bought a walking stick and it is helping relief the pain, I’m going to different therapy to help too. I know surgery will be in imminent and I’m trying to avoid it, but I need to be able to ride a bike and my horse, to walk my dogs. It’s been devastating to not be able to do anything. We are living in historical times, I can’t wait to see what happens next, this is a world we never expected. I think once the light has conquered the darkness we will be a new world and a happy world. Please check out my son’s Twitch account, he is doing live cooking shows from Spain. Chefjamesmakinson on Twitch. Many blessings……….my prayers are for all of you and the whole world…..

Michele’s Blog 7/31/21

Good Morning to everyone, it’s been a busy month for me. Moving my mom’s things out of her apartment and in with my brother in another state. The man that has been like my father for the last 32 years now facing the end of his life. Getting my property ready for Valais Blacknose sheep, having one die before we have them. Then arthritis hitting me where I was hurt in a work situation 8 years ago. I have worked out a solution for now for walking better. You just can’t ever look at life like you have forever. We need to be forgiving and love. I have so many stories to write, stories to finish, and music to practice. Have a great day.

A Preview of my new book

 Dragons of Arainn 

(A Love Story)


Chapter 1


Sophie looked down at her dragon, she was so lucky to have Gunther. Her life was on the right path now, she felt it in her soul. Leila, her niece, was flying on Cham; they had promised to return him to L’Azure after their recent trip. Then to her surprise, when she got home from the future, there was an invitation to go to a ball in L’Azure, the Prince was going to pick a wife! I thought maybe he liked me, there would be other women there and princes looking for a bride. How will I break it to Prince Agalone that I am a time traveller? These thoughts weighed heavily upon Sophie, then  Leila, her niece interrupted her thoughts.

“Aunt Sophie!” Leila yelled, hoping the wind would carry her voice to her aunt.

“Yes, Leila, how are you doing?” Sophie called.

“Fine, I was wondering about you? Are you nervous? Are we doing the right thing?” Leila asked.

“We went over this with your mom, my sister, many times, YES, we are doing the right thing. Look, we can give the dragons a break, there’s land up ahead.” Sophie pointed over to the left of where they were flying. Sophie tried to believe her words spoken to her niece.

“Gunther, head over that way and take a break.” Sophie told her dragon.

Once landed, Sophie took out some food, she gave the dragons a snack and told them to rest while Leila set out a blanket. Kanani and Aslan were with Sophie too, so she took out some food for them and carried it to the blanket that Leila had just put down.

Sophie looked around, “This land is so beautiful, I hope our prince’s will be happy to see us. I’m concerned about this banquet and dance.” Sophie sighed. “ I hope I’m not going to embarrass myself by showing up.” She grinned, taking a bite of cheese and a taste of the red wine her sister had insisted she pack. 

“Leila swallowed her bite of food and answered, “You have an invite! I think they will be very happy when we arrive, I’m just worried that you are ok, Sophie, you have been through a lot this past year. You lost your fiance, your life has been turned upside down.”

“I will be fine, if nothing else I will be  helping the people get settled here and that will take my mind off of Lamorak’s death. If the Prince, by chance, has any feelings for me, I’m ready for that as well.” Sophie smiled thoughtfully. “ I have made my peace with losing first John, now Lamorack. Plus, having Kanani and Aslan with me will keep my mind occupied.”  She threw a piece of cheese to each of the German shepherds. 

Looking around, Sophie called the dragons over. “Ok, boys, I think the best thing is if you could drop us off by the bridge on the town side, when we arrive. We have another hour or so to travel. Then you can fly over and spend some time with your buddies on the other side. Let’s talk in a day though, Gunther.”

Sophie you know I won’t take my eyes off you, I will always protect you. Sophie could understand it when her dragon talked to her.

“Oh Gunther, I feel the same about you.” Sophie stood, shaking grass off her skirt and went over giving him a hug. She could talk to dragons, it always amazed her. 

Gunther liked that.

“Ok Leila, let’s pick things up and get going.” 

An hour and a half later the dragons flew into the Town of L’Azure, they landed by the bridge. The dragons from the other side were lining up to welcome them. Sophie, Leila, Kanani, and Aslan got off and looked around. People were looking at them from the village. Probably wondering what the dragons brought in for the ball. 

“Well, what do we do Aunt Sophie, stand here or walk up to the castle and knock on the gates?” Leila asked jokingly. 

Sophie looked at her niece and laughed, “I guess we start walking, come on let’s pick up our bags, I just put the dogs on leashes.”

“Ok,” Lelia picked up her bag and followed Sophie and the dogs. 

Out of nowhere, Prince Agalone saw Sophie and could not believe his eyes. She came! He didn’t know if he should run up and sweep her off her feet or play coy, he couldn’t contain his joy, he put down his tools and walked very fast in the direction of Sophie. The men around him looked over and started smiling. The women of the village knew in their heart that the Prince was in love with this young woman, but many more would arrive in the next few days.

“Sophie!” Price Agalone waived his hand in her direction.

Sophie looked up in surprise, and then dropped her bags, waiting for him to get to her. I know I’m doing the right thing, I feel it in my heart. 

“Hi,” the prince said.

“Hi,” Sophie was definitely excited, butterflies were in her stomach.

“You got my invitation to the ball and decided to come back,” he said with a surprised, delighted  look on his face.

“Yes, I did, I hope it’s ok?” Sophie said, a bit unsure of herself.

“It’s more than okay, let me get your bags and walk you to the castle. My mother will be delighted to see you again, umm, several women have arrived with their families and checked into the hotel, but you will have a place in the castle to stay.”

“Thank you, I’m so honored,” Sophie replied.

Agalone smiled.

Picking up her bags he turned to Leila.

“Hi Leila, welcome, my brother will be delighted you have come back.”

“Thank you, Prince Agalone,  I’m excited to see him as well.” 

The Prince couldn’t get the grin off of his face, then looked at Sophie again. I wish I could embrace her with a kiss. Why did we have to have this ball? She would have returned without the invitation! Darn, I will have to work this very carefully so I don’t offend any neighboring kingdoms.

By the time they got to the castle there was a crowd following them. People wanted to touch Sophie and talk to her. The Prince told them that she was tired and would come back and talk to them tomorrow. Then, Sophie turned around and said, “I’m very happy to be here with you. I will be happy to help you rebuild, feed your family’s and anything else you need, starting tomorrow.”

The people cheered! They hoped they were going to see a wedding in the future with the Prince and Sophie.  Sophie’s heart swelled with happiness, she was doing the right thing, she felt it in her heart. She didn’t know why she felt this way, it was strange, but she had a real draw to this place.

Pulse Therapy

Today I had my Pulse therapy experience. It was amazing how much it helped my arthritis, after just one hour I could feel the difference. There is only one person doing this in Northern WA State, her name is Dayna Killam. She has a clinic and is running a special right now. Get ahold of me if you want her number. She also does Pulse therapy for horses and dogs too. Check out 3 Arrows Pulse Works on instagram, Dayna Killam,



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