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Sophia and the Dragons, book 3

Did Queen Nabila know she would come? How do I break the news to Aclamet about my past? OHHH, I got myself into it deep here.Then Sophie thought, well, if they have elves as friends, how could they think I am any different coming from the future? There was a knock at her door,

Sophie snapped out of her thoughts.

Shadow Wolf

Jessie Skywalker tried to have patience as she hid behind a rock with her German shepherd, Harley. They were on a mission to stop the group of thieves stealing Mustangs out of New Mexico, and then selling them for a profit to South American brokers. Jessie and Harley were part of the Shadow Wolves, an elite group of Native American trackers. They had branched out living in New Mexico from the main group in Arizona. Her father had been part of that group, then returned to New Mexico and trained Jessie and her brothers. They were hired by the B.L.M. (Bureau Land Management), to stop the theft of wild horses.

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