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Trying to move on, but can I?

It’s been 13 months since I lost my husband. It’s been a hard year, but amazing what I have done. I have driven to Wyoming, to Eastern WA looking for a place for all of us. I am so sad but with losing my husband, I think I need to give up my horse, that I love so much, give up his 51 Chevy, sell some antiques, and move on. I don’t know if I can move so far away from everyone I know. All alone, I might be able to start writing again and playing my music.

Surprises and challenges

Good Evening, today I had a shock. I got a call my travel trailer will be in soon and what time to pick hm up. Then I looked at my credit report. It was very good but a new credit card was added with late payments and it was my dead husbands! The yearly fee wasn’t paid in March and kept growing in fees. My attorney sent notices to every creditor my husband had. It should have been closed. I called them, after 5 departments the canceled his account and took the fees off. Still they’d said it should not be on my credit report. In 5 days it’s a year since I found him gone. I will be so glad when this season of my life changes for a better one. Looking for a new home to write and my animals to be safe.

Passing Time

In 8 days it’s a year that my life changed in a flash. I’m making changes and I’m excited about it. My German Shepherd is my companion from sunup to sunset. We are moving on. I can’t wait to get back to my music and writing.


The kindness people have shown me is so amazing. I want to thank everyone and say, I love you too. The love and kindness is powerful in our lives. We need to show that to others every day all of the time❤️

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