The Dragons of Ariian

QUEEN NABIBLA came to the castle gates and met her son, Sophie, the dogs and Lelia.
“Welcome to our home, I’m so happy to see you have joined us Sophie and Leila. Prince Eamon is off fishing, he will be thrilled you are here, Leila! Sophie, my son wants you to stay in the castle, I have already moved out of my rooms for the future bride. So, these rooms are empty and you and Leila can move in there for now.”
Sophie smiled and thanked the Queen.
Leila got a big smile on her face, she shuddered a bit, she was very excited, she liked Eamon and hoped they would be more than friends.
Sophie looked around, this was such a beautiful castle.

The Dragons of Arainn

 Dragons of Arainn 

(A Love Story)


Chapter 1


SOPHIE LOOKED down at her dragon, she was so lucky to have Gunther. Her life was on the right path now, she felt it in her soul. Leila, her niece, was flying on Cham; they had promised to return him to L’Azure after their recent trip. Then to her surprise, when she got home from the future, there was an invitation to go to a ball in L’Azure, the Prince was going to pick a wife! I thought maybe he liked me, there would be other women there and princes looking for a bride. How will I break it to Prince Agalone that I am a time traveler? These thoughts weighed heavily upon Sophie, then  Leila, her niece interrupted her thoughts.

“Aunt Sophie!” Leila yelled, hoping the wind would carry her voice to her aunt.

“Yes, Leila, how are you doing?” Sophie called.

“Fine, I was wondering about you? Are you nervous? Are we doing the right thing?” Leila asked.

I am finally home

It’s been a long road, but the animals and I have moved into our new home. We love the house, the yard is fenced for the dogs, because we have black bears, wolves, you name it living in the woods. I bought a satellite device called Zeleo, to help me communicate on my cell phone by satellite when ATT isn’t available or my Star Link at home. So much unpacking left I walked away from it today, too hard until I am fully recovered. Thank goodness for new friends helping me. I worked on music today, I will get back to my writing soon. It’s so beautiful around here, I bought a new camera to start blogging. Hopefully I can get to that soon. Thank you for being here and reading my posts. My horse is retired on a 200 acre Ranch 40 minutes from me. She has new friends, I miss her but can not take care of her right now. Michele, alias is Michaela Knight for my books.

Starting over

Finally, I sold my house only to have a freak accident that put me into Harbor View, a trama hospital. The place I bought my camper from running my credit 120 times bringing down my score, to pay off my camper and buy one of their expensive RV’s. So I’m out, I got an RV elsewhere and they sold my camper. Except for a broken pelvis in 7 places and I can’t walk without a walker, I’m starting over! I’m excited, I can drive my RV, we have a house to move to. I have books to write and music to make. A cello for sure in my new home.

The big changes

Well my farm sold and I have an awesome new house with acreage. The only problem is I got knocked down and I’m in the hospital with a broken pelvis and 22 stitches. I have all my animals boarded temporarily.

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