Michele’s Vlog 6/08/22

It has been 22 years since I moved to Washington State. Perhaps that is why I’m having trouble trying to move away? I loved Wyoming after I cleaned off my boots from stepping in an oil field. If I could live in 10 Sleep or Cody, maybe I could leave. America is so beautiful, let’s pray we can survive this period of time. Gas is $6 here, hmm, the lawn company wanted $3,000 to groom my property and $1,000 a month to maintain it. Sweet dreams.

Michele’s Blog June 7th, 2022

A Facebook shop opening soon with my books. The first order of my last book I wrote. A sample from the Russian Spy.

Tomorrow is 10 months since I found my husband gone. Memories flow through my mind and soul. The ending was not as I thought it to be. I’m on my own, I have been trying to distract myself. I’m selling my farm and moving on. There has been so much to do and try to cope with. I want to start a podcast and will soon. I have an Intel Horizon camper trailer on the way. When it arrives, I will load my fur kids inside and we will look for our future home. My horse will need a temporary caretaker. I have faced my greatest fears and survived. This glorious sad time has broken my heart, I’m finding comfort in my prayers, fur kids, family, and friends.

A Monday Blog May 23, 2022

I want to thank everyone that has followed me, subscribed, and supports me. It means so much to me. As soon as our Intel Sol Horizon arrives we will be going on adventures. I will share them and post photos here. Everyone have a wonderful day.

My Beautiful GSD

Destiny was my first German Shepherd, my son and I picked her up at the airport when she was 8 weeks away old. Destiny had flown all the way from Germany to Seattle on her own. She was so happy to meet us. She won a beauty photo contest online at the age of 2. this is the photo❤️

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