Jessie Skywalker and the Shadow Wolves

Jessie Skywalker and the Shadow Wolves Book 1 Jessie couldn’t stop thinking about the family meeting that morning before work.  Jessie and Harley, her German Shepherd, parked outside her family’s log home and walked inside. Her parents and two brother’s were sitting in front of the fireplace having coffee. Her Mom was just dishing upContinue reading “Jessie Skywalker and the Shadow Wolves”

Living your dream

It’s hard after living a heartbreak song and trying to heal to move on. Tomorrow my dogs, parrot, and I are trying that. we are getting this on Saturday. Zoom zoom. Travel.

Finding my way

It’s such a struggle moving along after so much tragedy happens. I start thinking I can start writing and playing music again but no. Extreme worry overtakes me. I have tried to start a fun YouTube channel to help me, The Gumshoe Mystery Reporter, I’m not sure if I’m doing a show of travel onContinue reading “Finding my way”

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