Passing Time

In 8 days it’s a year that my life changed in a flash. I’m making changes and I’m excited about it. My German Shepherd is my companion from sunup to sunset. We are moving on. I can’t wait to get back to my music and writing.

Michele’s Blog June 7th, 2022

Tomorrow is 10 months since I found my husband gone. Memories flow through my mind and soul. The ending was not as I thought it to be. I’m on my own, I have been trying to distract myself. I’m selling my farm and moving on. There has been so much to do and try toContinue reading “Michele’s Blog June 7th, 2022”

Happy Easter

If I could change what I have done, who I have met, I would not be who I have become. If I could change my story, it would be a life of blessings;, but my life has been that. I look on every lesson, every loss as a growth. Life is not supposed to beContinue reading “Happy Easter”

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