The Dragons of Ariian

My new book is almost ready to get a cover and be published! I’m so excited.

A Monday Blog May 23, 2022

I want to thank everyone that has followed me, subscribed, and supports me. It means so much to me. As soon as our Intel Sol Horizon arrives we will be going on adventures. I will share them and post photos here. Everyone have a wonderful day.

My Beautiful GSD

Destiny was my first German Shepherd, my son and I picked her up at the airport when she was 8 weeks away old. Destiny had flown all the way from Germany to Seattle on her own. She was so happy to meet us. She won a beauty photo contest online at the age of 2. this is the photo❤️

A Vlog from Michele 5/20/22

I have been so remiss in blogging, and for that I am sorry. This has been the hardest, darkest season of my life. I have had such loss, it is overwhelming at times. I have resorted to following true crime on YouTube! It’s amazing the people I have met, should I do a channel, not now, I don’t have the energy to be so awesome as the people I follow. I will put out a list of YouTube channels I follow soon for you to click on and take a look. The back of my property looks like a jungle and so does my garden, with weeks and weeks of non stop rain, it’s overgrown. I will try to navigate this over the dry weekend to tame down my property. My Anatolian shepherd has dug big holes in the gardens, and flower beds to hide and watch the land. I can only go to sleep at night knowing things will get better. I have made a step forward, ordering an Rv that will arrive in August. Then my animals and I will have a refuge when we show our property. Anyone will snap my property up, it’s an awesome farm near the ferry to Seattle, high speed internet too. Prime place for anyone to live and work. It has taken time for me to accept I can not stay here, it’s too much for me to take care of. When I can get settled I will start writing again or do a podcast or YouTube show. Thank you for everyone that has supported and followed me, it very appreciated.

Blessings in this life

My live was so blessed, I have published books, I have a children’s book that had just been released, I have my mother, step dad, husband, things to do. I had F1 Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep coming, then one morning it was all gone. It’s been 9 months now, I have my animals, not my sheep.  I have my published books, but can’t even look at them. I have my music that I was so involved in, but I can’t pick up my instruments to play. I realize my life is still blessed, but I have to find my way to live another way.  I have met amazing new people, made new friends, I have old friends, too. Everyday is a struggle, but somehow I make it through with my animals. I pray for our world, I pray for peace, an increase of faith, and for my family and friends. Good night and God bless.


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone that has a child, or furball. My German Shepherd is constantly under my feet or at my side. She watches my every move, I have never had a dog do this, at 11 years old she has been my keeper for that long; and I am thankful. Things are slowly getting better, I am ok with my fur kids, it’s the outside work in the yard and gardens that is cumbersome. Neighbors have stepped in to help out, but I can’t do this forever. We are looking for a smaller house with land, not easy to find right now. So, Happy Mother’s Day to all MOMS. There will come a time I can blog, write, and play music again. I am dreaming of that time coming. Happy Sunday, and Happy Mother’s Day.

Michele, Tahnee, Aslan, ialani, and Spirit

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